Why the Tour Industry Model Needs an Upgrade

The tour industry needs to change. Right now, when you go to book a tour experience, tour agencies tell you the time, the place, and the agenda of your tour with no input from you at all. Think about how backwards this is- you’ve planned every other aspect of your vacation around what YOU wanted to do. You’ve done the research on the perfect destination, watched flights for the best tickets, and found the ideal place to stay for you and your group. Why then, do you make an exception for tours? All of a sudden, you’re planning around someone else’s schedule, someone else’s itinerary, and someone else’s idea on how you should vacation.

Changing the Game

That’s why we’ve changed things. Imagine a tour industry where now, you know that whenever you want a tour, you can get one. No set starting times, no set meeting places, no restrictions. We created Zeeno to bring flexibility and control to the tour industry experience. We didn’t want you to be stuck on a limited schedule, so we created our booking platform to work by requests. You name the date and time you want to go, instead of the other way around. Now, whether you get up with the sun or you sleep ‘till noon, you have no pressure of a schedule.

Imagine the following scenario- you book a tour for your upcoming vacation in 3 weeks. You’ve booked a 9am walking tour of the main tourist attractions, expecting to get a good overview of the city. When the day finally arrives for your vacation, unfortunately your flight gets delayed and you don’t get into your hotel until 3am. Well now, that 9am start time doesn’t look so good. To make matters worse, when you wake up, it’s pouring rain. What do you do? You’ve already paid for your tour. Do you bail and chalk it as a loss? Or do you drag yourself out of bed, exhausted and soon to be soaking wet, to take the tour? Neither option sounds appealing, and therein lies the crux of the issue with today’s tour industry.

Where We’re Going…We Don’t Need Roads

Let’s try a different scenario. This time, as we envision an upgrade to the tour industry, you don’t book a tour in advance. You know instead that Zeeno will have tours readily available for you. When your flight gets delayed, and you wake up to pouring rain, you don’t even flinch. You simply roll over and go back to bed. When you do eventually wake up, you head to the complimentary hotel breakfast. As you finish up your iced latte, you notice the clouds break and the sun starts to come out. You pop open the Zeeno app, browse through the tour options, find one you like, and request a tour for an hour from now. You head back to your room, shower, change, and by the time you head to the lobby, you have a guide waiting to show you the city. Much better, right?

It’s time things changed within the tour industry. It’s time for tours to fit into your vacation, not the other way around. Zeeno has guides standing by to show you around the city at your convenience. Book now, book later, book anytime. Enjoy the adventures that await you.

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