Become a Tourist with our 1 Day Itinerary for Philadelphia

With so many fun and exciting thing to do, challenges arise when trying to build an itinerary for Philadelphia. From food and drinks, to history and culture, the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ has so much to offer. As a result, millions of visitors flock here every year. We spend a lot of time focusing on discovering the local culture, but for those of you who don’t have much time to visit, we can help. We’ve put together this brief itinerary for Philadelphia that will have you hitting the main tourist spots while avoiding the biggest crowds.

Running up the Steps like Rocky Balboa

Hey, did you hear they filmed that Rocky movie in Philly? Arguably one of the most iconic roles in Hollywood, Sylvester Stallone’s character remains immortalized as a statue. You can’t miss it (or the line of people) as it stands at the foot of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. After snagging a selfie with the statue, wander over to the bottom of the steps. Make sure you stretch- there’s more steps than you think! When you’re ready, run up the steps to dramatic music (that you’ll have to hum to yourself). From the top, you’ll see the city in all its glory as you jump up and down in triumph. Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one doing this (despite what your future Instagram picture shows). Rocky remains a part of Philadelphia’s culture with locations all over the city that can be recognized from the film. Want an itinerary for Philadelphia specifically about Rocky? We can help with that.

Touring a Museum

This may come as a surprise to some, but did you know that when you finish running the stairs like Rocky, you’ve  reached the entrance to one of the most prestigious art museums in the world? Most people just walk back down the stairs. Don’t. During the summers, you can visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art along with the many other museums as well throughout the day. Most of the museums are located along the Ben Franklin Parkway – including The Barnes, The Franklin Institute, The Academy of Natural Sciences, and The Rodin Museum. You can also try the Mutter Museum, known for its odd artifacts and medical rarities, such as a piece of Albert Einstein’s brain. It gets hot here in the summer, so spend your mid-morning/afternoon taking in priceless works of art and enjoying the complimentary air conditioning. While you might not get to each museum, include at least one to make it a true itinerary for Philadelphia.

Grab a Slice

Because you don’t have much time, swing through Rosa’s Pizzeria in Center City. Why does the name sound familiar? The Ellen Show featured this local spot for its generous practice of ‘buy one, give one’. Rosa’s sells slices of pizza for $1 and exercises a “pay it forward” program that feeds the homeless. Immediately when you enter the pizza joint, you’ll notice Post-It notes everywhere. On them, people have written positive and loving messages to spread the good vibes and brighten your day. You can even write your own after you purchase your $1 slice. 

Hang out at Spruce Street Harbor Park

Sure, maybe not the most touristy thing to do. You should probably stop by and see the Liberty Bell at some point. But, definitely include this spot on your itinerary for Philadelphia. Or, at least include one of the other pop-up gardens around the city. Spruce Street Harbor Park continues its reign as a favorite place for locals to hang out. Every summer, people come to grab a beer, lounge in the hammocks, enjoy the lights, and relax by the Delaware River. The best time to go is at night, when the trees light up all different colors and the sun sets on the city.

Shop on the South Street

One of the most popular shopping destinations in Philadelphia, South Street has some of the best shops, bars, and restaurants that uphold the spunky charm of the city. You’ll find locally owned stores and a wide range of ethnic cuisines all represented on this lively avenue. As the afternoon winds down into the evening, you can quickly transition from shopping to eating to drinking (to late-night eating). As the last stop on this itinerary for Philadelphia, head over this way for the party atmosphere, grab a few drinks, and don’t forget to snag that cheesesteak everyone keeps telling you about. 

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