What Locals Say About All of the Tourist Attractions in Philadelphia

Philadelphia remains, undoubtedly, a wonderful place for travelers to visit. With all of its history and famous tourist attractions, Philly averages 43 million new visitors per year. Out-of-towners come to the city for the amazing streets, shopping destinations, restaurants and more. But, locals recommend more specific places where you can really get the whole Philly experience.


Philadelphia has several popular and even famous streets. South Street is known for great food, entertainment, and shops. Not to mention one of the most interesting tourist attractions throughout the whole city. Boathouse Row has a picture-perfect view of the historic, lit up boathouses. Philly also hosts the oldest residential street in the United States, Elfreth’s Alley, which dates all the way back to 1720. Taking a stroll down this road will give you an idea of how America used to live. You’ll transport back in time to when the city, and even the country for that matter, had yet to be fully constructed.

Foods & Beverages

Philadelphia’s reputation relies on cheesesteaks. The main tourist attractions for the infamous sandwich live right across the street from each other. Geno’s and Pat’s remain longtime rivals, complete with giant neon signs and notoriously long lines. Jim’s on South Street has also been noted as a favorite tourist attraction. Visit the Philly Pretzel Factory for a soft pretzel, and have it along with the locals’ favorite beer, Yuengling. If you look to go out for a beer, you must visit the oldest bar in Philadelphia – the McGillin’s bar. Go to Center City and order a cocktail at the rooftop of restaurateur Stephen Starr’s The Continental Mid-town. He has many other excellent eateries in the city, all of which are worth checking out. Go for a tour of the Yards Brewery, where a fantastic bar awaits you as the trip comes to an end. Try the up-and-coming Northern Liberties neighborhood where you can have an amazing beer garden experience in Frankford Hall. Tourist attractions attract tourists for a reason. Stick with us and we’ll have you skipping lines left and right.


One of the largest malls in the country, King of Prussia Mall, resides just outside the city. However, locals more often shop on Chestnut Street or South Street if they want to stay within the city. Chestnut Street has more of the larger brands, specifically at the Shops at Liberty Place. South Street, on the other hand, retains much more of the charm of a tourist attraction. The street, with its shops and eateries, are designed to both entertain and feed locals and visitors in patented Philadelphia style. If you would find more interest in a small-town experience, hop on a train to Manayunk and shop on Main Street.


The neighborhoods of Philadelphia each offer an intriguing experience in unique ways. Center City, the center and hub of Philly, has shops, parks, food, and more to explore and enjoy. Old City hosts most of the historic landmarks while Fairmount hosts most of the museums. Here, you can go back in time and learn all about the foundation of the nation and all the significant events that occurred right here in Philadelphia. These few examples of the different neighborhoods don’t take into account Fishtown, South Philly, and many more. So while tourist attractions have their place, go where locals like to spend time and take in and appreciate the essence of the city.

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