Top Spots for Views of  Philadelphia

Good views of Philadelphia aren’t hard to find, if you know where to look. The city of Philadelphia has welcomed its visitors with its many sights, sounds, and postcard-perfect skyline for years. But if you want to get a first-hand look, visit these places for gorgeous views and good vacation pictures.

Race Street Pier

Race Street Pier has one of the best spots to relax in while you in the city. On a sunny afternoon, you can soak in the sun while taking in the views of Philadelphia. Get a perfect shot of the Ben Franklin Bridge and wander to the pier’s edge to look out over the water. Visitors might find a loving couple snapping a few wedding photos or local artists taking the time to paint. Come for the views of Philadelphia and stay for the relaxing park atmosphere. You can simply sit here and enjoy the natural scenes, while listening to music streaming over the free WiFi.

Morgan’s Pier

Down by Penn’s Landing, visitors can find a variety of bars and nightclubs along the water’s edge. After sunset, this area transforms into night clubs and can amaze you with views of Philadelphia’s waterfront and harbor. At Morgan’s Pier, you can go for a dinner at any time or sip a cocktail on a summer night. On weekends, you’ll find plenty of locals lining up to get in to one of the hottest bars in the city. Morgan’s Pier provides the perfect destination for locals who like to have great food in a nice ambiance and enjoy some of the best views of Philadelphia.

One Liberty Observation Deck

It stands in 1650 Market St, and has a huge viewing deck to give visitors 360 degree views of Philadelphia. It also has a touchscreen and an interactive cityscape that lets visitors explore the city’s history. The admission fees cost about $15, but you can get some unmatched views here and spend as much time as you wish up among the clouds.

Bok Bar

If you want to find a good place to get a drink with one of the best views of Philadelphia, look no further than Bok Bar. This rooftop bar sits atop what was previously a high school. But now, you can get amazing craft beers and grab a few fresh bites. The crowd size keeps things buzzing, but the ambiance never gets too noisy for comfort. You can take in some stunning views of Philadelphia and the music here stays low enough not to cause any interference in conversation. Great spot to impress a date!

Boathouse Row

Easily one of the most famous views of Philadelphia continues to be Boat House Row. These homes sit along the river and house local University crew equipment. While the teams practice early in the morning, the real show starts at night, when the homes stay lit up all year round. The colors change with the season, or with sports teams’ victories. The lights look especially nice on calm nights when the reflections can be seen in the water below. To get a good shot, travel to the back side of the Art Museum. Follow the trails to West River Drive, where you can walk, jog, or bike alongside one of the best views of Philadelphia.

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